Rapid-Curing Waterproof Coating for Warehouses and Factories

Rapid-Curing Waterproof Coating for Warehouses and Factories

Cactus Liquid Applied Waterproofing is Ideal for Large Surface Areas such as Industrial and Commercial Warehouse and Factory Roofs.

PMMA-Based Waterproofing Coating / Waterproof Paint is a high performance, long lasting waterproofing system.

It’s liquid application allows a seamless and complete encapsulation of the large surface area it’s applied to. The coating equally easily incorporates any complicated details, upstands and penetrations.

It’s mixed and applied in minutes and cures to form a fully bonded waterproofing coating that hard dries in just 60 minutes* (see Key Technical Data).


This ensures any downtime required is kept to an absolute minimum – and disruption to operations is massively reduced.

waterproof coating for warehouse floor factory waterproofing
A rapid-curing system for both emergency repair and long-term waterproofing protection.

The liquid coating is applied together with a tough fleece reinforcement. This increases the strength of the membrane system and delivers highly durable emergency surface repair and long life cycle waterproofing.

The waterproofing coating’s ready-to-mix packaging, ease of application and suitability for large surface areas makes it an ideal waterproofing solution for commercial and industrial roofing areas.

liquid applied waterproofing
A high performance liquid applied waterproofing system for large surface areas. It also easily incorporates complicated details and upstands.

The key benefits of this Waterproof Coating for warehouses and factories include:

  • The coating system consists of fast cure properties that ensure the surface quickly becomes watertight and that it will hardy dry in just 60 minutes* (see Key Technical Data for full curing times, temperatures and PMMA Catalyst dosages)
  • The system allows rapid, high performance waterproofing of large surface areas such as warehouse and factory roofs
  • Complicated details and penetrations are securely incorporated within the system
  • Seamless application fills in any cracks, gaps and voids
  • A highly elastic technology that retains its flexibility and good crack bridging property even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Can be applied to almost all substrates, including variable substrates
  • Permanently weather-resistant (UV-, hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant)
  • Fleece reinforcement delivers increased membrane strength, life expectancy and resistance to cracking
  • Excellent resistance to ponding water
  • Solvent-free. Our PMMA range of technologies ensure lower health and safety risks
  • Can be applied in temperatures as low as 0°C up to 30°C. And for substrate temperatures of -10°C, please ask us about PMMA Additive LT Technical Data Sheet


You can watch our PMMA-Based Waterproof Coating in action by clicking on the image below.
Read on for step-by-step instructions on using our waterproof coating for warehouses, factories and depots.

pmma waterproofing for emergency roof repair video thumbnail

The following guide will take you through the quick and simple application of our waterproofing system:

catalyst added to waterproof resin coating
Catalyst is added to the Waterproof Coating resin

PMMA Catalyst is added to the PMMA-Based Waterproofing Coating resin. Once the Catalyst is added, and mixed thoroughly, the Coating becomes fast-reactive. This is what allows fast application and rapid curing time of the waterproofing system.

fast curing waterproof coating
The Catalyst is mixed thoroughly with the resin coating to make the Waterproofing system fast reactive
water liquid coating on roof
The liquid applied coating is easily applied by roller brush – it can quickly coat large surface areas such as warehouse, factory and depot roofs

As the coating is liquid applied, it means large surface areas such as industrial and commercial factory and warehouse roofs, are waterproofed easily, quickly and effectively. It’s a very simple system to use.

Like the other surface repair and anti-skids in our PMMA range, this coating comes packaged ready-to-mix and is solvent-free, making it a safe solution as well.

waterproof membrane coating
Applied with fleece reinforcement to enhance the strength of the membrane system.

Fleece reinforcement is applied together with the coating to enhance the strength of the waterproofing system.

water tight coating
The Waterproof Coating quickly becomes watertight and hard dries in one hour

The system very quickly becomes watertight and it hard dries in just 60 minutes* (see Key Technical Data for full curing times, temperatures and PMMA Catalyst dosages)

It ensures warehouse, factory and depots roofs are quickly repaired in emergencies, and waterproof with a long-term, durable solution.

Please visit our PMMA-Based Waterproof Coating product page for all technical information, or CLICK HERE if you’d like to make an enquiry with Cactus.


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