Exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the Silicone Wheel for Ultimate Zapper ® technology. 8 x more durable for effective sealant, adhesive and vinyl removal.


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Silicone Eraser Wheel

silicon eraser wheel for automotive decal removal 8 X MORE DURABLE ERASER WHEEL
silicon eraser wheel for decal removal
silicon eraser wheel no excess adhesive
silicon eraser wheel quick click and go adapter
silicon eraser wheel no excess adhesive clogging machine

Silicone Eraser Wheel

The brand new Silicone Eraser Wheel is a powerful technology that easily and effectively removes decals, seals and adhesives rapidly.

It’s 8 x more durable than vinyl whizzy wheels and leaves no excess material on the substrate.


It’s ideal for applications such as:


      Rolling stock decal removal
      Aircraft sealant removal
     – Auto reflective foil removal
      Transportation maintenance


The silicone eraser wheel consists of a specially engineered material that thoroughly and effectively removes double-sided adhesives, tough and enduring sealants, reflecting foils, stickers and more.


It’s a rapid alternative to traditional sealant removal techniques such as hand scraping. The 30mm silicone eraser wheel is fitted to the cordless Ultimate Zapper® unit, which operates at a rotation speed of approximately 1350rpm.


And the silicone eraser wheel’s quick ‘click and go’ adapter allows a wheel change in just seconds.


The application time is further reduced as the silicone eraser wheel leaves no excessive residue behind that needs cleaned or clogs up the machine.


As well as delivering a quick and effective cleaning of the surface, the Ultimate Zapper® with silicone eraser wheel leaves no heat damage or smearing of the surface and the paintwork is left undamaged.

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Silicone Eraser Wheel Benefits:

  • Quickly and effectively removes decals, tough sealants, double-sided adhesives, reflecting foils and more
  • 8 x more durable than vinyl wheel
  • 30mm wide eraser wheel removal power
  • Quick ‘click and go’ adapter feature allows wheel changes in seconds
  • No adhesive residue remains after operation to mess the surface or clog the machine
  • No heat damage or smearing of the surface
  • Suitable for a number of substrates including metal surfaces, bright metals, wood, and aluminium

Ultimate Zapper ® with Silicone Eraser Wheel Sets

All sets include:

  • Cordless drive unit, reduced rotation speed for safe working (ca. 1350 RPM). Includes Anti-vibration-handle
  • Ultimate Zapper® 30mm silicone eraser wheel
  • MONTI EasyLock-Adaptor Hub
  • Packed in carton box


  • 4 x Battery LiHD 18 V, 8.0 Ah
  • 1 x Dual Battery Fast Charger
  • 2 x Battery LiHD 18 V, 8.0 Ah
  • 1 x Battery Fast Charger
  • 2 x Battery LiHD 18 V, 5.5 Ah
  • 1 x Battery Fast Charger

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Belts and Accessories

The Ultimate Zapper ® uses a silicone compound eraser wheel with a working width of 30mm. 15mm wheels are also available for smaller surface area requirements.

See below for full details.

mbx vinyl zapper ultimate 30mm silicone compound wheel

Silicone Compound Eraser Wheel 30mm

mbx vinyl zapper ultimate 15mm silicone compound wheel

Silicone Compound Eraser Wheel 15mm

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