• PMMA-Based Rapid Curing Anti-Skid System

PMMA-Based Rapid Curing Anti-Skid System consists of a self-levelling layer, aggregate and a high-grade, mechanically durable pigmented sealer to deliver a tough, slip-resistant surface.

The first part of the system is Self-Levelling Mortar Rapid Curing PMMA Technology, a 3-component, fast-reactive, flexibilised and filled PMMA-based (polymethyl methacrylate) self-levelling mortar.
It’s a solution that can be applied at sub-zero temperatures and is extremely versatile in that it can be used as waterproofing protection, thick-film layer and as an equalising mortar to level out areas of damage and up to 10mm height differences.
It fully cures in 3 hours* (check data sheet for curing time conditions).

Aggregate is added to the system to deliver high performance anti-skid properties. It’s applied to the Self-Levelling Mortar Rapid Curing PMMA Technology while it’s still wet.

Lastly, a Pigmented Sealer completes the application. It’s a 2-component, fast-reactive, pigmented PMMA-Based (polymethyl methacrylate) technology that delivers a high-grade, mechanically durable finish. It’s easy and quick to apply, is permanently weather-resistant (UV-, hydrolysis- and alkali-resistant) and fully cures in 3 hours* (check data sheet for curing time conditions).

PMMA-Based Rapid Curing Anti-Skid System is designed to:

  • Deliver a tough, high performance slip-resistant surface
  • Protect areas exposed to mechanical loads
  • Fully bond to the substrate ensuring there are no flow paths for water
  • Cure rapidly
  • Safely, easily and quickly apply – even at sub-zero temperatures
  • Apply to almost all substrates
  • Solvent-free

PMMA-Based Rapid Curing Anti-Skid System application areas include:

  • Walkways
  • Lay down areas
  • Decks
  • Floor repairs
  • Warehouses
  • Machine shops
  • Workshops
  • Chemical plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Storage areas
  • Plant rooms
  • Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Steel works

Self-Levelling Mortar Rapid Curing PMMA Technology:

Mix Ratio (in summer) 210 Base Resin: 10kg

223 Powder Component: 23kg

Catalyst: 0.20kg

Application Temperatures

(233/-thix 10/-thix 20)

Air: +3°C – +35°C

Substrate: +3°C – +50°C

Material: +3°C – +30°C

Curing Schedule 3 hours 

(233/-thix 10/-thix 20 at 20°C and 2% Catalyst)

Density 1.76 g/cm³

(233/-thix 10/-thix 20)


Pigmented Sealer:

Mix Ratio (in summer) Pigmented Sealer: 10kg

Catalyst: 0.20kg

(2 x 0.1kg)

Application Temperatures Air: -5°C to +35°C

Substrate: +3°C  to +40°C

Material: +3°C – +30°C

Curing Schedule Approximately 3 hours 

(at 20°C and 2% Catalyst)

Density 1.04 to 1.20 g/cm³

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