• ARC S4+ Severe Chemical-Resistant Coating
ARC S4+ Severe Chemical Resistant Coating Product Packaging
ARC S4+ Severe Chemical Resistant Coating Product Packaging

ARC S4+ Severe Chemical-Resistant Coating is an advanced reinforced thin film coating to protect structures against extreme chemical attack.

This is a 100% solids, VOC free application with enhanced mechanical properties and spark testable per NACE SP0188. It ensures high adhesive strength and resists concentrated chemicals.

ARC S4+ Severe Chemical-Resistant Coating is designed to:

  • Protect against extreme chemical attack in immersion
  • Provide extended wear resistance
  • Safely and easily apply by brush, roller, airless, or plural component spraying

ARC S4+ Severe Chemical-Resistant Coating application areas include:

  • ​​Exhaust gas ductwork
  • Fans & housings
  • Chemical s​torage tanks
  • Chimneys & stacks
  • Heat exchangers​​
  • Tank linings
Mix Ratio A:B By Weight 1.9 : 1

By Volume 2.0 : 1

Working Time 5 litres is 70 mins at 16°C (60°F)

16 litres is 55 mins at 16°C (60°F)

Curing Schedule Tack Free at 16°C (60°F) is 10 hours

Light Load at 16°C (60°F) is 24 hours

Overcoat End at 16°C (60°F) is 28 hours

Full Load at 16°C (60°F) is 52 hours

Full Chemical at 16°C (60°F) is 300 hours

Pull-Off Adhesion (ASTM D 4541)

330 kg/cm² (32.4 MPa)

4700 psi

Vertical Sag Resistance

at 21°C (70°F) and 250 µm (10 mil)

No Sag
Maximum Temperature

(Dependent on service)

Wet Service is 60°C (140°F)

Dry Service is 150°C (300°F)

Post Cure Wet Service is 95°C (203°F)

Cured Density 1.3 g/cc

81 lb/ cu.ft.

Packaging and Coverage
Nominal based on DFT 375 μm (15 mil)
Typically applied as a 2-Coat System
1125 ml cartridge covers 3.00 m² (32.30 ft²)

5 litre kit covers 13.33 m² (143.52 ft²)

16 litre kit covers 42.70 m² (459.30 ft²)

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