New Product Launch: Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster

New Product Launch: Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster

This Innovative Tool Offers a Complete Surface Preparation Package for Underwater Prep Work. It’s Ideal for Applications Including Preparation of Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, Removing Aqueous Corrosion, Offshore Corrosion, Ship Corrosion and more.

The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster applies Monti’s patented Bristle Blaster® technology which is capable of generating a cleanliness grade comparable with Sa 2.5–3 per ISO 8501-1 without the use of loose abrasive media and a Rougness Profile for mechanical anchoring protective materials, which rely on such bonding mechanisms.

cactus cleantech subsea bristle blaster underwater surface preparation and high pressure unit

The new hydraulic underwater devices are water driven and fully compatible with the same high pressure unit used for cavitation cleaners.

The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster is connected via a single Neutrally Buoyant high pressure hose. The underwater device provides a profiled surface which is dense, regular, and angular for mechanical bonding of protective materials against corrosion.


Good surface preparation is the vital first step in any repair and protection project. Most coatings failures are attributed to poor surface preparation. The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster, part of the Bristle Blaster surface preparation range, ensures the underwater surface preparation is achieved.

Key Specifications for the Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster:

  • Water Pressure: 100 – 300 bar (1,450 – 4,350 psi)
  • Water Flow: 20 – 40 LPM (5.3 – 10.6 GPM)
  • Surface Preparation Grade: Comparable with Sa 2½–3 (ISO 8501-1)
  • Roughness Level: Up to 120 μm Rz

Key Features for the Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster:

  • Powerful and serviceable water motor
  • Durable, salt water resistant materials
  • Torque and speed adjustable with high-pressure unit
  • Large control lever with “Safety catch”
  • Adjustable handle for second hand
  • Single supply hose removes corrosion, coatings, scale and adhesive residues
  • Minimal loss of base material


cactus cleantech subsea bristle blaster underwater surface preparation. Hands using tool

This high performance tool provides a complete surface preparation package for all your underwater prep work for applications including:

Surface Preparation of Marine Grade Stainless Steel and Mild Steel:

Stainless steels are used in marine grade applications for their corrosion resistant capabilities and other good mechanical properties. And mild steel, with its high tensile and high impact strength, is also ideal for offshore constructions.

But factors such as seawater quality, cathodic protection and ‘engineered’ crevices (surface finish and post fabrication cleaning) can affect the corrosion resistance of marine grade stainless steel in seawater.

The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster effectively removes corrosion, coatings, scale and adhesive residues from marine grade stainless steel  and mild steel with a minimal loss of base material.

Removing Aqueous Corrosion

Aqueous corrosion, the degradation of metals and alloys in aqueous systems, is the most common type of corrosive deterioration. The rate and extent of the degradation is dependent on factors such as the environment the equipment or structure is in and the details of the material composition. If not treated, aqueous corrosion can be devastating.

Aqueous corrosion generally appears as stress corrosion, pitting, rust, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion and general corrosion. The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster effectively removes corrosion and ensures the underwater structure’s substrate is adequately prepared for a suitable coating that will protect and enhance operating life.

Removing Offshore Corrosion

Offshore oil and gas platforms, pipelines and wind farms are subjected to corrosive, hostile environments caused by factors including salt water, salt present in the air, changing wet and dry conditions and sunlight.

The results of offshore corrosion can be critical, including damage and failure of structures, significant downtime and dangerous operating areas. There is a constant requirement offshore for preventive maintenance to ensure prolonged and safe operation.

We offer solutions for the removal of corrosion in the three corrosive zones on an offshore platform – for atmospheric corrosion (Bristle Blaster), in the splash zone and subsea (with the Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster).

Removing Ship Corrosion

Ship corrosion is a significant hazard to the industry. Whether container, dry bulk, tanker or passenger ships, all fleets are vulnerable. Structures and equipment such as external hulls, rudders and cargo tanks are just a few of the areas that are highly exposed to corrosion by sea water.

Some also become more susceptible due to the service environment or cargoes, for example, with chemical tankers.

It’s important that corrosion is effectively repaired and the area protected as soon as corrosion is detected to prevent further damage thus avoiding significant downtime, higher maintenance costs or a reduced operating life for the ship.

The Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster removes corrosion in the splash zone and subsea, while the Bristle Blaster is effective on decks and ship areas above water.


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