Cactus Industrial is exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the Monti Cleantech Prepper for wide and field joint surface preparation.

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Prepper® Q4

Prepper® Q4

The Monti Cleantech Prepper is a wide surface preparation tool that’s up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting.

It enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate.

Simply program the desired roughness and the Monti Cleantech Prepper will deliver a regular peak height and peak density to optimise your substrate surface, all without safety hazards, dust or loose media.

The Field Joint preparation technology works in a closed cycle where the operation is fully controlled and eco-friendly.

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  • Up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting
  • Units provide a maximum operating width of 300mm and 150mm
  • Surface cleanliness grade comparable SA 2.5 (ISO grades)
  • Can be profiled to various degrees of roughness

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