Pipeline Construction & Repair

Bristle Blaster surface preparation tool blasts steel pipe

The Bristle Blaster is the ideal surface preparation tool in pipeline construction and repair

Mixpac Spray technology to quickly and effectively apply 2K component materials

Composites and Coatings technology to repair and protect as well as enhancing the operating life of pipeline equipment and structures

Cactus Surface Preparation technology and steel and concrete repair Composites and Coatings repair and protect in Pipeline Construction. Our solutions perform in the most challenging above and below ground environments.

The Bristle Blaster is the handheld surface preparation tool of choice. It’s perfect for weld seam preparation and widely used for pipeline construction, repair and inspection. It’s lightweight, easy to use and conveniently blasts otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

Cactus Composites and Coatings systems protect the inside and outside of pipelines, ensuring liquid and gas contents aren’t compromised and damage and spills are avoided.

Our innovative, rapid curing materials ensure safe, easy and effective application and our repair and protect technology extends component life. Cactus solutions reduce downtime and labour costs while eliminating the need for equipment replacement.

Surface preparation is the essential first step in repairing and protecting equipment and structures.

At Cactus we’re dedicated to providing you with the tools which will allow you to prepare surfaces to the highest possible standards of cleanliness and roughness.

We’re the sole official UK and Ireland distributor of Monti technology – patented surface preparation tools for the removal of corrosion, mill scale and coatings – that operate without the hassle and mess associated with conventional grit blasting:

  • Creates a surface cleanliness equivalent to SA 2.5 (SSPC-SP 10, near white metal blast cleaning)
  • Creates surface texture / anchor profile up to 120µm (Rz) / 4.72 mils
  • Environmentally friendly surface preparation; does not use or generate hazardous materials
  • Removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit
  • Effective solution for surface preparation in confined spacing.

Our superior service and technical support provides bespoke end-to-end solutions and ensures you get the most out of our innovative technology.

The Bristle Blaster has been used in the following locations and these serve as references for the effectiveness and usefulness of the product in pipeline construction & repair situations:

  • Petrobras, Brasil
  • Open Grid Europe, Germany
  • Dacang Pipe, China, Qingdao
  • SICIM, Mexico, (Gas Pipeline Tamazunchale)
  • Enbridge pipeline, Canada
  • Keystone XL Pipeline, USA & Canada
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