Petrochemical & Refineries

bristle blaster surface preparation tool for petrochemical and refineries

The Bristle Blaster Pneumatic is ATEX approved for Zone 1 use and eliminates the need for containment or disposing of grit when blasting

composites and coatings technology to fight erosion, corrosion and chemical attack in petrochemical and refineries industries

Cactus high chemical and high corrosion resistant applications protect and extend the operating life of equipment and structures

Apply coatings quickly and effectively with Sulzer Mixpac Spray Technology

Cactus innovative solutions are quick and easy to apply and cure rapidly - ensuring minimal down time for your operation

Surface Preparation and Composites & Coatings technology built to repair and protect equipment and structures in Petrochemical Plants and Refineries.

Bristle Blasting is used for maintenance works and inspections in refineries, pump stations and tanks in petrochemical plants. It’s a safe, effective and easy-to-use tool, ensuring large, small or difficult to reach surface areas are blasted and the required roughness and profile achieved. Further, the dust exposure during the Bristle Blasting process is very limited and there are no hazardous materials produced, eliminating the need for containment and recycling or disposal.

Composites and Coatings technology repairs and protects in the most extreme operating environments against erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. Our solutions are easy to apply and rapidly cure – ensuring minimal downtime and a speedy return to service

Surface preparation is the essential first step in repairing and protecting equipment and structures.

We’re dedicated to providing you the tools which allow surface preparation to the highest possible standards of cleanliness and roughness.

We’re sole official UK and Ireland distributor of Monti technology – patented surface preparation tools for the removal of corrosion, mill scale and coatings – that operate without the hassle and mess associated with conventional grit blasting:

  • Creates a surface cleanliness equivalent to SA 2.5 (SSPC-SP 10, near white metal blast cleaning)
  • Creates surface texture / anchor profile up to 120µm (Rz) / 4.72 mils
  • Environmentally friendly surface preparation; does not use or generate hazardous materials
  • Removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit
  • Effective solution for surface preparation in confined spacing.

Our superior service and technical support provides bespoke end-to-end solutions and ensures you get the most out of our innovative technology.

The Bristle Blaster has been used in the following locations and these serve as references for the effectiveness and usefulness of the product in Petrochemical and Refineries application:

  • ExxonMobil
  • BASF
  • Bayer Chemie
  • DOW Chemical
  • Wacker Chemie
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Petro China
  • Total
  • BP
  • Shell
  • Qatargas
  • Saipem
  • OMV
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