Showcasing Surface Preparation Solutions at the 2019 Field Joint Coating Conference

Showcasing Surface Preparation Solutions at the 2019 Field Joint Coating Conference

Cactus and MontiPowerUK demonstrated our surface preparation technologies at the only dedicated forum for industry to discuss field-applied coatings, coating of welds and joints and pipe repair and rehabilitation.

w 46mm bristle blaster field joint coating conference 2019

Pipelines are considered one of the most efficient transport systems in the world, supplying energy to all sectors. Our surface preparation, composites and coatings solutions are designed to repair and maintain pipeline assets against the devastating effects of erosion, corrosion and chemical attack.


And the focus on Field Joint Coatings is an important one as it’s where pipeline coating failures often occur. Here are the technologies we showcased at the event to ensure pipelines can be effectively prepared, repaired and protected.

Bristle Blaster

W 46mm bristle blaster

The surface preparation technology easily and effectively removes corrosion, mill scale and coatings. The Bristle Blaster is a hand-held, lightweight, easy-to-use tool. It’s ideal for the maintenance of pipelines and blasts otherwise hard-to-reach areas. It generates an anchor profile up to 120 µm Rz and the ‘Blasting Without Grit’ technology removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit. We also demonstrated our newly-launched Battery-Operated Bristle Blaster – it has all the benefits of the Bristle Blaster but doesn’t require any cables. The new W 46mm Wide adapter (pictured above) for wider surface preparation was also on show for delegates.


Monti Cleantech Prepper


Monti Cleantech Prepper clamped and magnetic versions

The Monti Cleantech Prepper is up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting. Both the magnetic and clamp versions (both pictured above) are ideal for field joint application. The prepper enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. Like the Bristle Blaster, it achieves a surface cleanliness grade comparable to SA 2.5 (ISO grades).

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