‘Engineering Innovation’ with the Royal Navy

‘Engineering Innovation’ with the Royal Navy

Cactus showcased a number of technologies to meet the challenges faced during Royal Navy maintenance and repair projects.

royal navy submarine vessel that Cactus will provide surface preparation, composites and coatings solutions to maintain

Cactus was recently invited to the ‘Engineering Innovation’ event held by the Royal Navy at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, where we demonstrated our solutions and how they can improve efficiency in repairing and maintaining surface vessels and their submarine fleet.


The ‘Engineering Innovation’ event follows June’s announcement that Cactus won the contract to supply our Bristle Blaster technology to the Ministry of Defence.  Cactus also delivered training to Royal Navy personnel and contractors in the effective use of Monti Bristle Blaster technology to prepare surfaces affected by the marine environment. The announcement followed extensive trials of the ‘Blasting Without Grit’ technology at Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Portsmouth.

Maintenance in confined and hard-to-reach areas, in and out of water and rapid turnarounds are just some of the challenges the Royal Navy face when repairing and protecting vessels and equipment. Cactus was even invited to the Submarine Shiplift Facility, where HMS VIGILANT was located as it undertakes a Docking Base-ported Maintenance Period (‘BMP(D)’) of 6 months. It was an opportunity to see first-hand the repair and maintenance challenges the Royal Navy face.

Submarine Shiplift Facility at HMNB Clyde Where Cactus Were Invited

Here are some of the surface preparation, composites and coatings technologies showcased at the Royal Navy’s ‘Engineering Innovation’ event that will ensure safe, effective and efficient repair and protection from erosion, corrosion and chemical attack.

Bristle Blaster

The Bristle Blaster easily and effectively removes corrosion, mill scale and coatings

The surface preparation tool removes corrosion, mill scale and coatings easily and effectively. It’s hand-held, making it ideal for maintenance in confined and hard-to-reach areas. It generates an anchor profile up to 120 µm Rz and the ‘Blasting Without Grit’ technology removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit. We also demo’d our newly-launched Battery-Operated Bristle Blaster – it has all the benefits of the Bristle Blaster but doesn’t require any cables.


Monti Cleantech Prepper

Monti Cleantech Prepper introduced at Offshore Europe 2019

A wide surface preparation technology which is up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting. It enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. Like the Bristle Blaster, it achieves a surface cleanliness grade comparable to SA 2.5 (ISO grades).


Monti Cleantech Subsea Bristle Blaster B20

cactus cleantech subsea bristle blaster underwater surface preparation. Hands using tool

A surface profiling tool that cleans and creates an anchor profile underwater. It removes corrosion, coatings, scale and adhesive residues quickly and effectively. It generates a roughness level up to 120 µm Rz in the splash zone and up to 50 µm Rz subsea.


Erosion and Corrosion Protection

Sureseal Surface and Wet Tolerant Protective Coating is applied to offshore steelwork which had suffered corrosion damage

Sureseal Surface and Wet Tolerant Protective Coating is a long-term corrosion and chemical resistant coating that can be applied and cures underwater. This Coating ensures marine maintenance without docking and provides protection against corrosion in aggressive environments.


Anti-Skid and Rapid-Curing Waterproofing

Anti-slip and anti-skid waterproofing solution for offshore and industrial decks and walkways

This solution is a fully reinforced moisture-triggered polyurethane waterproofing system that delivers a tough, slip-resistant surface. Each coat of the system is walkable in around 60-90 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and a quick return to service. It’s aggregated with white aluminium oxide grits to deliver maximum durability, making it ideal for decks and walkways.


Flange Corrosion Repair and Preservation

Flange Preservation Wrap protects piping and metal structures from corrosion

A cold applied, self-hardening wax-based tape designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion. It’s UV resistant, VOC Exempt and virtually odorless – ensuring it is perfectly suited for vaults and close quarter applications.

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