High Strength Bonding Polymers

Ceramic Polymer Adhesive is an ideal injection grade material

Ceramic Polymer Adhesive is a high viscosity adhesive that provides high chemical resistance and can resist temperatures of up to 120°C

ARC 858 high strength bonding polymer seals, shims and bonds new plates to a prepared surface on an offshore platform

ARC 858 Rebuilding and Faring Composite is used to easily and effectively seal, shim and bond in an offshore plate bonding project

High Viscosity, Surface Tolerant Technology.

High performance High Strength Bonding Polymer solutions are safely and easily applied to many substrates. Our solutions offer high viscosity and high adhesive strength which eliminates under-film corrosion and safe use is enhanced with features that include no VOCs and no free isocyanates.

We provide High Strength Bonding Polymers that are surface tolerant for faster and easier application and technology that adheres to dry and damp surface areas. We offer solutions that deliver long-term protection and abrasion and chemical resistance. Temperatures of up to 120°C can also be resisted (dependent on the medium).

High Strength Bonding Polymers solutions ideal for:
Vessels and process tanks  Storage tanks for hydrocarbons  Tubes and pipelines  Offshore and onshore constructions  External applications of all kinds  Impellers and blades

  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Surface tolerant
  • Easy application
  • Simple mix ratio
  • Rapid curing


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Ceramic Polymer Adhesive is an ideal injection grade material

Ceramic Polymer Adhesive

Ceramic Polymer Adhesive is a surface tolerant ceramic polymer high-strength adhesive. This is a high viscosity,…

ARC 858 Rebuilding and Faring Composite

ARC 858 Rebuilding and Faring Composite is a Ceramic Reinforced Abrasion Control Epoxy Compound. This is…

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