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High Strength Epoxy Resin screed ensures an effective concrete repair

Cactus Projects: UK Chemical Plant High Strength Concrete Repair

Chemical Resistant High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed Repaired the Chemical Containment Area. Cactus technology helped a leading Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Speciality Chemical Manufacturing Pl...

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Oil and Gas Separator Vessel protected by ARC HT-S High Temperature Resistant Spray Coating

Protecting A Separator Vessel in Elevated Temperatures

ARC HT-S High Temperature Resistant Spray Coating ensured this Vessel quickly returned to operation and is effectively protected in elevated temperature immersion. When corrosion and erosion damage ...

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icon for Cactus project blog for the concrete repair of a damaged primary settlement tank

Cactus Projects: Concrete Repair of a Primary Settlement Tank

High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed was used to repair the tank's badly corroded concrete surface. Cactus were enlisted to help a Water and Waste Water client when they detected damage across their Prim...

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cactus blog image for the Roofing Repair of Fibreglass and Aluminium Roof Cladding project

Cactus Projects: Roofing Repair of Fibreglass and Aluminium Roof Cladding

Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproofing Coating repairs corrosion damaged roofing at a warehouse in Stirling. Leaks were discovered across a warehouse floor and when inspected, significant erosion ...

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Cactus Blog Urethane 80 Rubber Repair and Protection for Offload Hose

Cactus Projects: Rubber Repair and Protection of an FPSO Offload Hose

Rubber Repair and Protection system ensured this critical piece of equipment was repaired and ready to return to offshore operation rapidly. When a client detected significant damage to an offload h...

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ARC 858 high strength bonding polymer seals, shims and bonds new plates to a prepared surface on an offshore platform

Cactus Plate Bonding Project With Offshore Client

Plate Bonding is a solution to repair areas damaged by corrosion while extending the life of the structure. A bespoke training course was created to reflect the planned work at a TR (Temporary Refuge...

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Bristle Blaster surface preparation tool is used on a steel bridge

Bristle Blaster Deployed For West Wales Bridge Project

With a span of just over half a mile, the Cleddau Road Bridge in West Wales, UK is the most recent location of the Bristle Blaster application. The bristle blasting technology was the ideal solution ...

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