Cactus Success at Offshore Europe 2019!

Cactus Success at Offshore Europe 2019!

Brand new technologies were launched at Europe’s biggest oil and gas event of the year.

This September we launched a number of new surface preparation solutions as we welcomed over 24,000 visitors to the event in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Offshore Europe saw a Cactus first as we held two exhibition spaces: at our Cactus Industrial stand we showcased a number of repair composites and protective coatings; while our MontiPower UK and Ireland (part of Cactus Industrial) stand was the home of our new Monti Cleantech Prepper and Battery-Operated Bristle Blaster for the week!

The Monti Cleantech Prepper is a wide surface preparation tool which is up to 4 x faster than conventional blasting. It enables optimal coating performance through a programmable and automated process providing a constant and reliable roughness profile to the substrate. It achieves a surface cleanliness grade comparable SA 2.5 (ISO grades).

We also introduced the Battery-Operated Bristle Blaster during the event – the first time for the UK to get it’s hands on the tool! The Battery-Operated version has all the benefits of the Bristle Blaster’s ‘blasting without grit’ technology, without the need for cables. It’s a game-changing technology, particularly for the oil and gas industry. The tool comes with 3 batteries, each providing 30 minutes of surface cleaning and profiling and corrosion removal.

Our Cactus Industrial exhibition space was located in the Late Life and Decommissioning Zone where we exhibited NACE-certified protective industrial coatings. Our solutions protect equipment and structures, on and offshore, from erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. When used with our MontiPower UK and Ireland surface preparation technologies, Cactus solutions provide the ideal combination for offshore maintenance and asset integrity operators.

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