Cactus Projects: Roofing Repair of Fibreglass and Aluminium Roof Cladding

Cactus Projects: Roofing Repair of Fibreglass and Aluminium Roof Cladding

Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproofing Coating repairs corrosion damaged roofing at a warehouse in Stirling.

Leaks were discovered across a warehouse floor and when inspected, significant erosion and corrosion damage was detected across the roof. The deterioration was particularly apparent at the joints and where the aluminium roof cladding meets the roof’s fibreglass.

a roof is badly damaged by corrosion

WGM Engineering is Cactus’ authorised applications contractor in central Scotland and they used our Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproofing Coating system to repair the damaged roof and provide long-term waterproofing. It’s a cold applied, high solids coating system that provides a long-term solution to leaking roofs and ensures excellent resistance to ponded water.

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Here’s how this effective waterproofing roofing repair job was completed safely, easily and effectively:

Stage 1: Bristle Blaster Surface Preparation

The first stage of any repair project is to ensure the surface is adequately prepared. The Bristle Blaster is a high performance hand-held surface preparation tool. It  combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool – making it absolutely ideal for this roofing project.

Stage 2: Primer

Cactus Elastaseal Metal Primer is the first element of the Polyurethane Waterproofing Solution system. It wets out the surface, getting rid of any dirt or grease. The Primer is touch dry in 8 – 16 hours, and the repair is ready for the next stage of the application.

Stage 3: Embedment Coat

A self-adhesive reinforcement matt is applied to the Bristle Blasted and Primed areas. While the matt is applied to the joints, an additional pad is used to cover fixings such as bolts and upstands. The Embedment Coat is applied on top of the matting and touch dry in 8 hours.

Stage 4: Top Coat

The final component of this Waterproofing Roofing system is Top Coat. It’s applied on top of the Embedment Coat and, like all elements of this system, is easy and quick to apply. Cactus Top Coat solution is touch dry in 8 hours.

play Cactus 30 Second Projects: Roofing Repair VideoCLICK HERE to watch Cactus 30 Second Projects: Roofing Repair video from this project.

Cactus Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproof Coating solution is suitable for many types of traditional roofing materials including felt, asphalt, bitumen, asbestos cement sheet, fibre cement sheet, concrete, single ply membranes and profiled metal sheets.

Application areas include: Roofing areas | Vents and pipes | Rainwater outlets | Parapet walls | Rooflights | HVAC and ducting | Many existing substrates.


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