Cactus Projects: Concrete Repair of a Primary Settlement Tank

Cactus Projects: Concrete Repair of a Primary Settlement Tank

High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed was used to repair the tank’s badly corroded concrete surface.

Cactus were enlisted to help a Water and Waste Water client when they detected damage across their Primary Settlement Tank.

A Primary Settlement Tank stores waste water for a temporary period during the waste water treatment process. While stored, heavier solids can settle towards the bottom of the tank while lighter solids and waste work their way to the surface. The Primary Tank then releases the remaining liquid and the waste water treatment process continues.

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The concrete structure around the top of this Tank had suffered significant breakdown due to cold weather periods and loading. Deterioration of the existing concrete led to spalling concrete at various locations.

High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed is an epoxy levelling mortar and mortar screed and is just one of our Concrete Repair and Protection technologies. It resurfaces and levels concrete and steel surfaces and protects against impact and environmental attack. With a compressive strength of 80N/m² and a curing time of just 14 hours in this project, our solution quickly and effectively ensured this structure could return to action right away while also providing protection in the long term.

Here’s how this Concrete Repair project was carried out:

Stage 1: Breaking Out Deteriorated Concrete

stage 1 of this concrete repair is the breaking out of deteriorated concrete

Before the repair can begin, the damaged concrete area is broken down.

Stage 2: Masking

masking tape is applied to broken down concrete ahead of primer application

Masking tape is applied to the concrete areas which have been broken down before Primer is applied.

Stage 3: Application

high strength epoxy resin screed concrete repair application

The High Strength Epoxy Resin screed is easy to use. The material can be applied in layer thickness from 3mm-40mm and quickly repairs the damaged concrete, creating a smooth finish. This repair had a curing time of just 14 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and a quick return to service.

High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed is designed to quickly, easily and effectively repair, level and protect surfaces. This technology can create run offs to avoid unwanted water ponding and is ideal for application areas including:

Steel and concrete surfaces | Decks | Lay down areas | Walkways | Chemical plants | Pharmaceutical plants | Steel works.



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