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Cactus is sole official UK and Ireland distributor of the Monti Bristle Blaster surface preparation tool
Easily and effectively remove corrosion, mill scale and coatings with the world’s leading hand-held surface preparation tool.

The Bristle Blaster combines the ability to produce an abrasive blasted finish with the high mobility and flexibility of a portable hand-held tool.

This patented technology is the only feasible solution for maintenance in confined and hard-to-reach areas. It’s easy to operate and removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit.

The Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Tool is ATEX approved and can be safely used in Zone 1 (potentially explosive atmospheres) applications.
The Bristle Blaster Electric Tool ensures excellent flexibility thanks to standard power supply ratings (230 V/120 V).


cactus is the official sole UK & Ireland distributor of the Monti Bristle Blaster surface preparation tool


  • Creates a surface cleanliness equivalent to SA 2.5 (SSPC-SP 10, near white metal blast cleaning) as achieved by grit blasting
  • Suitable for use on a variety of substrates including metals, rubbers and plastics
  • Ideal for spot repairs, weld seam preparation and profiling
  • Generate an anchor profile up to 120 µm Rz (4.7 mils)
  • Low power requirements (compressed air/electrical power)
  • Minimal loss of base material
  • Light and easy to operate (1.1kg / 2.4lbs)
  • Low vibration levels and sound pressure
  • Removes the need for enclosures, reprocessing or disposal of grit

How The Bristle Blaster Works

The Bristle Blaster is designed for professional use in industry. The low operating speed and the lightweight and compact design (1.1kg / 2.4lbs) ensure safe, flexible and easy handling. It’s the ideal tool for:

  • Removing Pipeline Wrapping and Coatings
  • Removing Rust and Fillet Weld Cleaning
  • Weld Seam Cleaning
  • Removing Epoxy Coatings

The bristle tips are designed to strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy (generated by a patented accelerator bar) that is equivalent to Abrasive Grit Blast Media, thereby generating a texture and visual cleanliness that imitates the Abrasive Grit Blasting process.

Immediately after the bristle tips strike the surface, they retract (“rebound”) from the surface, which results in both corrosion removal and micro-indentation that exposes fresh surface.


The Bristle Blaster® is a patented technology, capable of removing corrosion and coatings and cleaning surfaces simultaneously, creating a rough surface texture. Surfaces treated by the Bristle Blaster have a texture and visual cleanliness conventionally achieved by traditional grit blasting processes.

Corrosion, Millscale and Coating Removal

Restores surface to near white visual standard (or SA 2.5, NACE 2 or SSP-SP-10) with minimal loss of base material.

Surface Texture / Anchor Profile

Roughness capability from 40-120µm Rz (1.6 - 4.7 mils).

Environmentally Friendly / Grit Free Process

Bristle Blasting does not use or produce hazardous materials and no additional waste is produced.

Improve Surface Integrity

Generates compressive residual stress along the treated surface for crack growth resistance, improved fatigue life and improved corrosion resistance.

Negligible Heat Generation

Surface free of thermal damage and heat marking.

Simple and Economical

Eliminates the need for complex and costly abrasive blast equipment.

Approvals, Training & Specifications

The Bristle Blaster has been used in the following locations.
These serve as references for the effectiveness and usefulness of the product when used by coating manufacturers:
Hempel | International Paint/Akzo Nobel | Jotun | Dulux Protective Coatings | SIKA | Sherwin | Henkel | PPG | ShawCor Pipe Protection | CLICK HERE for all Coatings Specifications

Bristle Blaster® has been tested extensively and has been awarded approvals by a number of companies and accreditation bodies. It has also been specified in several standards or specifications as the preferred, or recommended, method of surface preparation:
GEXCON Declaration of Conformity | GEXCON Testing – Bristle Blaster in Explosive Atmospheres | GEXCON Testing – Ignition Hazard Analysis and ATEX Conformity of Bristle Blaster  | CLICK HERE for all Bristle Blaster Approvals | CLICK HERE for all Bristle Blaster White Papers

Cactus ensures you achieve the optimum surface preparation results.We provide training so that operators and supervisors are compliant and competent. Our Train the Trainer course will deliver the appropriate qualification for the delegate to train employees and operators on the correct use of the Bristle Blaster and its components.

cactus bristle blaster case study

Case Study - Blasting 11,000 Square Metres Of Steel

cactus bristle blaster case study

Case Study - Blasting in a Hydro Power Plant

cactus bristle blaster case study

Case Study - Blasting in Pipeline Construction

technical data


Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic is approved by ATEX for use in Zone 1 – potentially explosive atmospheres
II 2G c IIA T4 X
Weight 1.1kg | 2.4lbs
Threaded Air Inlet RP 1/4″
Required Hose Diameter (interior) 3/8″ | 9.5mm
Idle Speed 3500 rpm
Required Flow Pressure 6.2 bar | 90 psi
Average Air Consumption 17.5 cfm | 0.5 m³/min    
Vibration 2 m/sec²
Sound Pressure Level 83 dB (A)
Length 350mm
Height (including handle) 160mm
Width 70mm


cactus bristle blaster electric


Weight 2.2kg | 4.9lbs
Output 700 W
Voltage 240 V (±10 %)
110 V (±10 %)
Idle Speed 3200 RPM
Vibration  2.8 m/sec²
Sound Pressure Level 83 dB (A)
Length 400mm
Height (incuding handle) 180mm
Width 100mm

Belts and Adaptor Systems

Each Bristle Blaster set comes with 10 Belts and an Adaptor System. Additional packs of 10 Carbon Steel and 10 Stainless Steel Belts can be purchased as and when required.

Adaptor Systems, which absorb the high centrifugal forces produced by rotation and make it possible to change belts even faster without the need for additional tools, are also available for individual purchase.

Bristle Blaster Belts

Bristle Blaster® Belts are made of polyamide fabric, in which U-shaped wires are individually anchored. Bristle Blaster® Belts are equipped with an inner ring (Red for carbon spring steel, White for stainless steel).

Bristle Blaster® Belts, Carbon Spring Steel, Inner Band Red

  • 11mm Part. No. BB-034-10 (10 pack)
  • 23mm Part. No. BB-033-10 (10 pack)

Bristle Blaster® Belts, Stainless Steel, Inner Band White

  • 11mm Part. No. BB-103-10 (10 pack)
  • 23mm Part. No. BB-102-10 (10 pack)

Adaptor Systems

The Systems for Bristle Blaster® Belts safely absorb the high centrifugal forces produced by roation. They comprise a high-quality die-cast aluminium alloy

Alternatively, the new patented Quick Add® can be used instead of the classic adaptor system made of aluminium. This feature makes it possible to change belts even faster without the need for additional tools. This aspect is of major advantage, for instance in the case of rope access. Due to the special material composition, a significantly higher service life is achieved.

The tests undertaken by Marquette University in Milwaukee also showed that Bristle Blasting produces material compaction over the surface worked, which in turn increases the resistance to cracks, fatigue, and stress corrosion.

Adaptor Systems
  • For 11mm belts Art. No. AS-012
  • For 23mm belts Art. No. AS-009
Quick Add®
  • For 11mm belts Art. No. AS-015-11
  • For 23mm belts Art. No. AS-015-23

Working Rate of the Bristle Blaster Belt

Normally a corroded surface can be worked thoroughly with a velocity of around 1.1 sqm (11.8 Ft Sq) per hour. Bristle Blasting an area of this size is well within the working rate of a single belt. Depending on the characteristics, form, and material of the surface to be machined.

equipment sets

Depending on the application and situation on-site, we offer the following Bristle Blaster sets:

  • with a pneumatic drive unit
  • or with an electric drive unit

You will only need an appropriate supply of energy and PPE in accordance with the relevant Site Policy, as a minimum (Gloves, Eye protection), and depending on the circumstances a suitable respiratory mask may be required.

bristle blaster® set pneumatic

Art. No. SP-647-BMC & Art. No. SP-647-BMC-AV
  • Drive unit Bristle Blaster® 3500X with air cooling system, noise reduction, dust exhaust and special gear reduction
  • Adaptor Systems for 23mm and 11mm Belts
  • Accelerator Bars for 23mm and 11mm Belts
  • Air Pressure Regulator for 23mm and 11mm Belts including
    1. Accelerator Bar for 23mm Belts
    2. 5 Bristle Blaster® Belts, 23mm
    3. 5 Bristle Blaster® Belts, 11mm
    4. Packed in a blow mould case
Art. No. SP-647-BMC & Art. No. SP-647-BMC-AV

bristle blaster® set Electric

Art. No. SE-670-BMC & Art. No. SE-660-BMC
  • Drive unit Bristle Blaster® 3200X
  • Adaptor Systems for 23mm Belts
  • Accelerator Bar for 23mm Belts
  • 10 Bristle Blaster belts, 23mm
  • In a blow mold case

As set for stainless steel and aluminium surface preparation: incl. stainless steel belts and stainless steel Accelerator Bar

Art. No. SE-670-BMC & Art. No. SE-660-BMC

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