MontiPower UK and Ireland, part of Cactus Industrial, is exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of the Bristle Blaster ® Axial technology.

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bristle blaster axial clean and profile flange nuts bolts
bristle blaster axial cleaned and profiled flange nuts bolts
close up bristle blaster axial difficult access surface preparation
bristle blaster axial surface preparation kit


The patented Bristle Blaster® Axial is a powerful technology that features all of the ‘blasting without grit‘ power of the Bristle Blaster®, and is specially designed for difficult-to-reach areas such as:

     – corner welds
     – flange nuts and bolts
     – pipework
     – structural steel H beams

     – angles
     – hollow seams
     – grooves
     – joints
     – inner edges


The Bristle Blaster® is a powerful hand-held tool that simultaneously removes corrosion, coatings and mill scale, while generating an anchor profile.


It simplifies the surface preparation operation and reduces costs. There’s no need for expensive equipment, media and extensive environmental measures.


The Axial fits specially developed right-sided and left-sided belts to ensure challenging surfaces can be easily repaired and protected. This technology perfectly complements the Bristle Blaster® range of surface preparation solutions which includes:

     – Bristle Blaster®

     – Bristle Blaster® Cordless

     – Bristle Blaster® Double

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Bristle Blaster® Axial Benefits:

  • High performance surface preparation in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Designed for challenging surface areas such as corner welds, flange nuts and bolts, pipework and structural steel h beams
  • Removes corrosion, coatings, mill scale and other contaminants – without removing healthy material
  • Generates anchor profile ranging from 2.5 – 3.3 mils (65 – 85µm Rz)

Bristle Blaster® Axial Set

  • Bristle Blaster® Axial Drive Unit
  • Includes Air Pressure Regulator and MONTI 360° Swivel Connector
  • Accelerator Bar
  • MONTI Adaptor System, 11mm
  • 10 Bristle Blaster® Axial Belts, steel, 11 mm
  • Packed in Blow Mould Case

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Belts and Accessories

Bristle Blaster ® Axial features specially designed 11mm right-sided and left-sided belts for challenging application requirements.

See below for full details.

Bristle Blaster 23mm steel belt

Bristle Blaster Belt Steel 11mm

Bristle Blaster 23mm stainless steel belt

Bristle Blaster Belt Stainless Steel 11mm

bristle blaster axial adaptor system

Adapter System Double 11mm

bristle blaster axial accelerator bar

Accelerator Bar Double Steel

bristle blaster axial accelerator bar stainless steel

Accelerator Bar Double Stainless Steel

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    Bristle Blaster Double Adapter System 23mm
    Adapter System Double 23mm
    Bristle Blaster Double Accelerator Bar Steel 23mm
    Accelerator Bar Double Steel 23mm
    Bristle Blaster Double Accelerator Bar Stainless Steel 23mm
    Accelerator Bar Double Stainless Steel
    Bristle Blaster Double Protection Cover
    Bristle Blaster® Double Protection Cover
    Bristle Blaster Double Connector Piece
    Bristle Blaster® Double Connector Piece

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