Cactus Projects: UK Chemical Plant High Strength Concrete Repair

Cactus Projects: UK Chemical Plant High Strength Concrete Repair

Chemical Resistant High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed Repaired the Chemical Containment Area.

Cactus technology helped a leading Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Speciality Chemical Manufacturing Plant in the UK. Manufacturing speciality chemicals and agrochemical actives, they offer a broad range of chemistry including cyanogen chloride chemistry, alkylation and methoxylation.

Operational areas can be exposed to extreme environments. Sustained chemical attack had led to significant deterioration one of the site’s chemical containment area.

To repair the deteriorated concrete, we offered a Chemically Resistant Mortar Screed solution. It achieves full chemical resistance in days and cures in just a few hours – compared to traditional concrete repairs which can take up to 28 days to cure.


The surface in front of the laminar flow booth in the containment area was heavily chemically attacked and breaking up. The vicinity of this carefully enclosed booth, designed to prevent contamination of samples or particle sensitive materials, is exposed to 40% sulphuric acid, methylacetoacetate and hexylamine.

Our High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed easily and effectively infilled a maximum depth of approximately 70mm. The deepest areas were infilled with 2 layers. This solution also offers long term protection against a wide range of chemicals including acids and alkalis at varying temperatures.

Here’s how this repair project was delivered:

Stage 1: Breaking Out Defective Concrete

surface preparation is stage 1 of this concrete repair. Deteriorated concrete is broken out due to chemical attack

The concrete has deteriorated due to high chemical attack. It is removed ahead of application of the repair Mortar Screed.

Stage 2: Mixing and Application

stage 2 in the concrete repair is the mixing and application of the chemical resistant mortar screed

The highly chemically resistant, High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed is easily mixed and applied to the surface area that has been broken out and primed. This technology is also a solvent-free material.

Stage 3: Ease of Application Trowel Finish

stage 3 and the concrete repair mortar screed is easily smoothed by trowel

The Mortar Screed is exceptionally easy to use. It infills depths of approximately 70mm quickly, safely and efficiently and the surface is easily smoothed by trowel.

Stage 4: Project Complete

stage 4 project complete effective mortar screed concrete repair is finished

The Concrete Repair at this Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Speciality Chemical Manufacturing Plant is complete. The Mortar Screed cures in just a few hours and is fully chemically resistant in a couple of days. It’s an easy to use, rapid-curing application which is used for repairs in:

Chemical Containment Areas | Concrete Sumps and Tanks | Concrete Supports and Upstands| Plinths

To enquire about our High Strength Epoxy Resin Screed technology then CONTACT CACTUS HERE  or view our other Concrete Repair and Protection solutions.

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