Cactus Trials: Applying PMMA-Based Anti-Skid by Hopper Gun

Cactus Trials: Applying PMMA-Based Anti-Skid by Hopper Gun

The rapid curing Anti-Skid Wearing Layer is already delivering effective non-slip surfaces offshore. Our trials explored whether we could minimise down-time even further.

PMMA-Based Anti-Skid Wearing Layer solution for offshore decks and walkways is applied by hopper gun

The rapid curing, highly abrasion resistant coating is already being used by the biggest Oil and Gas operators on offshore decks, lay down areas and walkways.

PMMA-Based Anti-Skid Wearing Layer is a 2-component, flexibilised, pigmented and filled PMMA-based (polymethyl methacrylate) surfacer. It delivers maximum abrasion resistance and maximum slip resistant properties.

It’s rapid curing capabilities ensures minimal downtime for operators: the Anti-Skid solution is walkable in 30 minutes and fully cures in 1 hour.

The PMMA-Based non-slip coating is solvent free – making it particularly ideal for use offshore. It can be applied in air temperatures as low as -10°C and as high as 35°C and is particularly suitable for areas subject to extremely heavy-duty or high-frequency traffic.

It’s already protecting and ensuring non-slip surfaces on offshore structures. We decided to trial application by gravity-fed hopper gun to see if an anti-skid surface can be achieved even quicker and to larger surface areas.

Here’s how our trials went:

As you can see, the trials showed that PMMA-Based Anti-Skid Wearing Layer can be applied successfully by gravity-fed hopper gun: meaning large areas can be coated quickly and effectively, with minimal overspray and minimal waste.

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